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“Inspired by India”: Exhibition of Armenian painter opens in Yerevan

The exhibition “Inspired by India”by Armenian painter Andranik Asatryan, 27, opened at the Artists' Union of Armenia, today.

“I took interest in Indian art when I was a sophomore and had to decide on the topic of my thesis. First I was thinking of work based on “Ara the Handsome and Shamiram” but once I heard Indian music, which connected me with India,” the young painter told Armenian News –

He painted his first work on Indian subject years ago.

Indian culture appealed to Andranik so much that he started learning Indian on his own and read books to understand it better. Today he is presenting a whole range of paintings, crowns and dolls to the public.

“My works are called fantastic and surrealistic in style, that is I paint fantastic, illusionary ideas, feelings and values. My aim is to show high human values so that people preserve them,” Read More

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