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                    A HIKE TRIP TO MOUNT ARAGATS: 












To commemorate 68th Independence Day of India, Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO (IAF) in collaboration with Embassy of India to Armenia organized a Hiking Trip to scale Mt. Aragats, which is the highest Mountain peak of Armenia.

















Aragats, the highest mountain in contemporary Armenia, is a single extinct volcano with a crater, that has become an Ice Basin (About 400 m deep). This extinct volcano has formed 4 peaks; the northern peak is 4090m above sea level; the western, eastern and southern peaks are 4080m, 3916m, 3879m high respectively.


Mt. Aragats is also famous for its beautiful mountain lake KARI. It’s located 3250m above sea level having perimeter of 1150m.
















While reaching the base-camp of Lake Kari, one can see the Tent-Homes of  Armenian Yezidis at different places in mountain range. According to one opinion, Yezidis are believed to be descendents of Indian Hindus. 


It took almost 8 hours to complete the hiking trip from base camp to mount summit and back.

The whole team felt proud when they captured the victory moment of the group with respective national flags of both countries. 


     Indeed it was a different celebration of India’s Independence Day!



























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