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         IAF meets Critically Acclaimed Filmmaker
                               Mr. Sourabh Sarangi 

                       September 25, 2013

IAF meets critically acclaimed Filmmaker Mr. Sourav Sarangi in New Delhi. The meeting was attended by IAF's President Mr. Rananjay Anand, Vice President Mrs. Ruzanna Ashughyan Anand and IAF's National Coordinator, India Mr. Karen Mkrtchyan. The team discussed many topics related to India & Armenia and emphasis was given on how film making can be part of this noble cause in possible future considering Films as strong medium of people-to-people connection in respective countries.

Mr. Sarangi, Saurabh Sarangi, IAF, India Armenia

Mr. Sarangi's films have participated in many International Film Festivals across globe and have garnered great applause and winning awards in documentary category. His Film ""CHAR...No Man's Land"" has won "Dubai International Film Festival 2012 " and Film "BILAL" has won "Yamagata International Documentary Festival Japan 2009". Recently Mr. Sarangi participated in "GOLDEN APRICOT Yerevan International Film Festival 2013" in Yerevan.

Mr. Sarangi, Saurav Sarangi India Armenia  ,  CHAR … THE NO-MAN’S ISLAND

Both sides underlined the importance of films in mutual development of people-to-people relationship in understanding respective cultures and discussed the possible partnership towards collaborative works.


About Mr. Sourabh Sarangi 

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