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 INDIA through the ARMENIAN lens

Within the framework of celebrations of 63rd Republic Day of India (26th January) Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO in collaboration with the Embassy of India in Armenia organized a Photo Exhibition. The theme of the Photo Exhibition is “India through the Armenian lens”. 


The opening ceremony was held at Naregatsi Art Institute at 15:00 pm, 20th January. The chief guest of the event was the Ambassador of India to Armenia H.E. Mr Achal Kumar Malhotra. Representatives of the Ministry of culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs were among the distinguished guest.

According to the Indian tradition, Mr. Ambassador lit the auspicious lamp and inaugurated the event with his welcome words. Congratulating IAF for their initiative Mr Ambassador also emphasized the great significance of such initiatives by stating that India and Armenia enjoy good relations at the diplomatic level, but what is very heartening to see is having a great relationship at a grass-root level which is well realized by this group exhibition.


The president of Naregatsi Art Institute also welcomed the visitors and the guests stressing the importance of the two oldest cultures - Armenian and Indian to well interact. Mr Harutyunyan also presented Mr Ambassador with the symbol of Armenians - a pomegranate souvenir and a book titled "Mashtots. Sacred pearls".

The Vice president of IAF Ruzanna Ashughyan introduced the guests and visitors to the significance of organizing the exhibition.


The goal of this Photo Exhibition was to represent the cultural and historical marvels of India shot by common travelers from Armenia to India. Every year many travelers visit India in different capacities, be it as tourists, as students, or as businessmen. They visit India and bring memories back to Armenia. It’s their view of India which they see through their camera lens and share with their loved ones. And through these images India enters into the heart of the Armenian people. This way we are emphasizing the very quintessence of people-to-people connection between two great ancient civilizations of the world.


The opening ceremony was followed by a dance performance by the students of Yerevan State Medical University. Their Vandana made the guests feel the atmosphere of India before they were invited to view the photographs. The exhibition was well supported by musical compositions of the great Indian santoor maestro Shiv Kumar Sharma providing an impeccable environment.

Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO conceptualized this Photo exhibition in collaboration with the Embassy of India. It would not have been possible without their support. Our heartiest thanks to H.E  Mr. Achal Kumar Malhotra, the Hon. Ambassador of India for continuously being our guiding force. The whole embassy staff extended their great support to us for realizing this to happen. Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO is committed to strengthening the people-to-people connection between India and Armenia through different initiatives.


We also thank Naregatsi Art Institute for their cooperation who generously has enabled us to use these rooms for the exhibition.


Special thanks to IAF volunteers for their great support and dedication.


Apparently, this event brought together all those who like the Indian culture and don’t want to miss the opportunity to communicate with Indian culture. Besides this was another reason for all Indo-Armenian communities in Armenia to gather and share common thoughts and interests.

It would not have been better timing than this when India celebrates its 63rd Republic Day. This way we are celebrating the great spirit of India, being the world’s largest democracy. And when we have Armenian people as the main participants for this exhibition, what can be better to show India that Armenia and its people love India from the very core of their hearts. It’s our warm-heartedness that keeps our friendship and partnership intact for very strong bonding. 


The opening ceremony was attended by not only IAF members but common citizens as well who were excited to see a piece of India in Yerevan. There were so many visitors in the group exhibition who were not aware of IAF because of their non-use of the Internet. They came to know about the event through different media channels like TV, Radio, and News Papers. Those who had already visited India once were so excited to revisit their India through these images.

The following two days of the exhibition were also eventful by having a big number of admirers. Due to the unbelievable popularity over the weekend the photo exhibition was extended for 7 more days and will now show until the 29th January.

Mrs Saxena & Mrs Zirekyants (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

The show will go along between 10 am and 7 pm any day next week. Take a look at the photographs that have captured everyone's hearts and imaginations during their showing this weekend! 


IAF team is wishing our all members, friends and supporters a very happy Republic Day of India. Long live Indo-Armenian Friendship!

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