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Indian Cultural Center in Armenia

On 17th of January Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO proudly organized the inauguration of the Indian cultural center in its new office located in Yerevan, Armenia.

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Founded in 2011 by Indo-Armenian couple Rananjay Anand and Ruzanna Ashughyan Anand, “Indo-Armenian Friendship” NGO aims to promote the cultures of both countries, strengthen Indo-Armenian ties and foster a strong bond through a people-to-people connection. To achieve this aim numerous programs have been organized in both countries with the support of the Embassy of India in Armenia and the Embassy of Armenia in India.

Although a number of programs had throughout the years been planned and executed by IAF, the inauguration of the Indian Cultural Center was long overdue. Many pending projects will also soon be executed through the ICC.

Yogeshwar Sangwan, Indian Embassy in Armenia, Indian Ambassador in Armenia, Indian Cultural Cener Armnia
Rananjay Anand, Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO, Ambasador of India to Armenia, Embassy of India in Armenia, idia-Armenia

In keeping with Indian traditions, the program commenced with the lighting of the lamp by all dignitaries, followed by a welcome address by Ms Lusine Toroyan, General Secretary of Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO, who introduced the distinguished guests to the audience and spoke about the idea of setting up the center in Armenia.


H.E. Mr Yogeshwar Sangwan, in his turn, congratulated IAF on a new initiative and stained on the years-long cooperation between the Embassy of India and IAF. His Excellency also conveyed his best wishes to the Indian Cultural Center, wishing it a bright future.

Mr Areg Hovhannisyan, in his turn also welcomed the opening of the center on behalf of the Armenian Government and expressed his good wishes to the organizers.

Indo-Armenian Friendhip NGO, Lusine Toroyan, India Armenia
Indians in Armenia, Indian Cultural Center, Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO

IAF’s co-founder and President Mr Rananjay Anand thanked all the guests for gracing the evening with their presence and underlined the importance of the Indian Cultural Center. Mr Anand stressed the need to ensure the correct representation of Indian Culture to the Armenian people while facilitating the Indian community of Armenia with the opportunity to stay in touch with their culture and customs.

Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO, India-Armenia, Indo-Armenian Ties, Indians in Armenia
Indo-Armenin Friedsip NGO, IAF Armenia, Indian Embassy Yerevan, Indians in Armenia, India Armenia

The highlight of the evening was the India-themed Paintings of the Ukrainian Artist Mrs Kateryna Goncharova “People of India”, whose portraits made the occasion lively and colourful.

Ukrainian Artist Mrs Kateryna Goncharova
Paintings of Ukrainian Artist Mrs Kateryna Goncharova

The evening was made even more memorable by IAF’s SHAKTI dance group, whose wonderful presentation of India’s National song Vande Mataram and amazing Bollywood dance performance left guests memorized.

Shakti Dance Group, Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO, Bollywood dance Armenia
Shakti Dance Group, shakti dance troup, Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO dane group

Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO wants to take this opportunity to thank all our members, the Embassy of India to Armenia, our supporters, well-wishers and guests for their continuous support and encouragement. We look forward to working with like-minded individuals and organizations to strengthen Indo-Armenian ties.

Long Live Indo-Armenian Friendship !

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