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First Inter NGO Mini Golf Tournament 

Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO and the National Golf Association of Armenia, in association with Ararat Golf Club and Hovnanian International organized a one-day Mini Golf Competition between the various non-governmental organizations working in Armenia. The event, which which took place on the 28th of September 2019 was aimed at bringing together various Armenian NGOs working in different areas, creating an opportunity for them to network and get to know each other, providing a fun-filled day and around the golf course while also helping popularize the sport in Armenia.

A total of 6 NGOs, namely Girls of Armenia Leadership Soccer ( GOALS), SEG Civil Society Support Center NGO, Homeland Development Initiative Foundation (HDIF), Hrant Ark Foundation, Diaconia Charitable Fund and Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO. 

The tournament was conducted by the President of the National Golf Association of Armenia, Armenia's champion golfer and Vice-President of IAF Mr Karen Hovhannisyan, who briefed all the participants on the rules of the game before dividing the teams into two player each from an organisation each. This was the first of our annual Inter-NGO Mini Golf Tournament and we hope to have many more teams participating. 

After an interesting tournament, that lasted for about 2 hours,  the results were added up to decide on the winners. 

Girls of Armenia Leadership Soccer ( GOALS), represented by CEO Teny Avakian and Program Manager Philipp Melikyan bagged the first pla e, taking home the huge trophy. 


Baruyr Jambazian and Smbat Kherunc of the Diaconia Charitable Fund secured the second place,  scoring a few points more than Edvard Palyan and Sargis Abrahamyan of the SEG Civil Society Support Center NGO, who settled for the bronze medal. 

All the winners received medals, while all other participants were granted with Participation Certificates. 

The prizes were distributed by Mr Shant Hovnanian of the Hovnanian International, to whom we are grateful for his readiness to  collaborate with us. 


Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO thanks the National Golf Association of Armenia, Ararat Valley Golf Club and Vahakni International for their partnership. 

Special thanks also go to all the participants who joined us to make the tournament a success. 
We look forward to seeing them again next year. 

Long Live Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO. 


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