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CIS School  Visits Indian Cultural Center 

Continuing to build on the firm foundation of partnership and collaboration set with our friends art CIS Armenia International School, Indo-Armenian Frenship NGO hosted their year 8 pupils along with their teachers and staff members at the Indian Cultural Center in Yerevan for a fun-filled and informative session on Indian History, culture, religion, tradition, music, etc. This was the second visit to our center from the school, having hosted another group for a similar discussion earlier. Our team had also visited the school for an orientation on Indian art, dance and mehendi within the framework of the school's International Week last month.

After having a quick discussion on Indian History with Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO's Programs Coordinator Mr Karen Mkrtchyan, the pupils had the opportunity to listen to Sri Sanathana Goswami Das from the well-known ISKCON movement, who spoke on Indian Vedic Culture, tradition and Hinduism. Mrs Christine Grigoryan, who had generously agreed to come to interact with the pupils and show them some steps from the Indian traditional dance form Kathak, kept the pupils well-engaged and excited before Mrs. Nelli Baghramyan could help them relax through a lovely session of Yoga at our center. For most students it was the first time they were doing Yoga and we are sure they enjoyed themselves during the session.

Not to keep Indian music out of our exciting day, we were very glad to have with us Mr Peter Davidian, an Armenian musician from Australia with family roots in Calcutta, India, join us to play some tunes on the famous Indian Musical instrument, the magical Sitar. Although the session was very short for the pupils to learn in detail about the instrument, we were lucky to have Mr Peter with us well into late afternoon, playing some tunes for us. 

No discussion on Indian Culture can be wholistic without Indian cuisine, which the pupils and guests enjoyed in the end.

Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO thanks all those that came to support us in making the visit of the pupils a memorable one, as well as Mr Neil and Mathew for arranging the visit. Special thanks to Mrs Khandoot for the amazing pictures.

Long live Indo-Armenian Friendship.

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