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Interactive Saturday at Indian Cultural Centre Armenia

Indian Cultural Centre Armenia, India Armenia relations

On the 30th of January, the mood at the Indian Cultural Centre was very jovial, thanks to the students of the Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU) who had decided to spend their Saturday afternoon with us. Equiped with everything required to make special Indian tea, the students came in, bringing with them unmatched energy and enthusiasm. After getting acquainted with the premises, the idea came to Dinesh, one of the students, to start the fun with a game. We quickly went searching for unique items to place in a box, after which each of us took turns to guess the items blindfolded, only using our hands, This created al lot of laughter and cheer, as some of us had to rattle our brains to figure out the object we were holding.

Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO, India Armenia, Indians in Armenia, Indi Armenia Relations
Indians in Armenia Indo Armenian Friendship

This was followed by more fun at our dance studio, where we had impromtu dance and song performances by our members and the students. From Tamil songs to Bollywood numbers, from Indian classical dances to Armenian Kochari and Yarkhushta, we had them all. Fun was what we intended on having, and fun we had...a lot of it in fact.

We also planned on havig regular visits and discussed the prospects of having joint projects and activities together.

Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO, India Armenia
Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO, Indian Cultural Cenre, Armenia

We would like to thank all those that joined us today, especially the students of YSMU who took the initiative and came to share their day with us.

Special thanks to Siva Shakthi Veeraswamy for organising and coordinating the visit with his friends.

Long live Indo-Armenian Friendship

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