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              April 12, 2012 

This world is kaleidoscopic with different cultures and traditions with different types of lifestyles across globe. When these kaleidoscopic colours get converged through the prism of friendship, it takes the strongest shape of Unity and Peace which symbolizes Unity in Diversity. Traditional costumes are identity of any nation as they are representatives of any particular culture. India and Armenia represent world’s two great civilizations with many shared values and it’s quite obvious that their traditional costumes have a very rich history with great relevant connections.

In the series of celebrations, Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO aka IAF in collaboration with Embassy of India to Armenia organized an event with the theme “Cultural Crossroad-Relationship Inspired” at Naregatsi Art Institute, Yerevan, Armenia on 10th April 2012. The event was graced by H.E Mr. Achal Kumar Malhotra as Chief Guest!

The program commenced formally with National Anthems of Armenia and India. 

To begin with, IAF Founder and President Mr. Rananjay Anand introduced the theme of the event to the large audience present in the Jam-packed hall. He emphasized how this group emerged out of love, and how it is important to consider love and respect as a great medium to bridge two different cultures.  He welcomed the audience, the Chief Guest and all other representatives from different media and institutes.

He emphasized, how important it is to continue with these kinds of initiatives for a lively relationship among nations. It's need of hour to create a very active environment for people-to-people connection in order to achieve better Global Understanding.

Hon. Ambassador H.E Mr. Achal Kumar Malhotra addressed the audience in a very nostalgic atmosphere, as his very successful tenure is coming to an end this month. He thanked people of Armenia for great love and support and said he is never away from their heart. He had all praise for Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO for making his job easier by holding such events. He recalled how medieval emperor Akbar from India married an Armenian woman Mariam and started a cross-cultural relationship between these two great nations with lots of shared values. He correlated that historical marriage with contemporary Indo-Armenian relationship  and emphasized how this relationship will revisit the lost routes of Indo-Armenian relationship again, as IAF is a flourishing example. He wished a great future for Indo-Armenian Friendship.

After Ambassador’s speech, Mr. Nareg Haroutunian the director of Naregatsi Art Institute thanked Mr. Ambassador for his great contribution towards Indo-Armenian bilateral relationship building and bid him adieu by offering him POMEGRANATE SOUVENIR as symbol of fertility and prosperity from Armenia. Afterwards he thanked IAF co-founders for their great effort to build this relationship further and said it’s really challenging and his all best wishes are with IAF. 


Afterwards the Film Screening of “Six Yards of Grace” started which explained how gracefully Saree has been the most loved attire of Indian women since antiquity. It explained different types of Sarees to be worn in different ways as per diverse cultures of India. After the film screening, Mrs. Ambassador Ms. Anita K. Malhotra demonstrated to the audience live, how to wear a Saree. It was one of the most interesting parts of the show.

Ms. Liana Khachaturyan, an Armenian Puppet artist also participated in the event by showcasing different types of traditional costumes of different regions of Armenia through her different puppets.  IAF General Secretary MS. Lusine Toroyan explained its each and every aspect in detail.


Lastly, to conclude the program on a very musical note, the very famous Armenian Folk Dance Group “Karin Ethnographic Song & Dance Group” thrilled the audience with their scintillating dancing performances. The group is dedicated to spread Armenian Folk Art among its Armenian youth. The audience applauded the performers with great zeal, as the group presented their performances in traditional Armenian costumes.


AZG Newspaper

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