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IAF organizes Charity Music Concert titled, "Spirit Of India"

June 21, 2016 

In its pursuit of creating goodwill gesture and contribution to society, Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO organized a Charity Music Concert titled «Spirit of India» with performances by Gharana Fusion Band from India and musicians from Armenia.

The charity concert was organized on 14th of June at Ulikhanyan Music Club by IAF driven by a strong desire to create and cement goodwill for Indo-Armenian relations.  The concert also aimed at supportting the family of one of the martyrd soldiers of the unfortunate deadly clashes that occurred on the Karabakh-Azerbaijan border in April. The Chief Guest of the event was the  H. E. Mr. Yogeshwar Sangwan, Ambassador Designate of India to Armenia and Georgia.

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The music concert started with a welcome speech by Mrs. Ruzanna Ashughyan Anand, Co-founder & Vice-President of IAF. She welcomed the guests and audience and introduced the theme of the event to the audience. She also explained the importance and noble cause of such events. The concert turned out to be truly spiritual with various musical improvisations executed by Indian & Armenian musicians together. Musicians from both countries played together in such harmony that people present were left spell-bound. It emerged out to be a true confluence of two cultures through the language of music.

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Prior to the event, as a token of appreciation from IAF to Gharana Fusion Band, a small trip was organized by IAF’s Travelers’ Club for our guests and members to Etchmiadzin and Zvartnots with the aim to help our musician friends get acquainted with the beauty and treasures of Armenia.  The group happened to be in good luck as they also got an opportunity to be present to witness the Liturgy of the Armenian Apostolic Church at the Cathedral of the Mother See of Holy . The Spirit of the enchanting Armenian liturgical music was especially appealing to the ears of our musician friends. The last point of the trip was the Museum-Institute of the great Armenian composer Komitas Vardapet in Yerevan.

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Wrth this yet another successful step at bringing both cultures closer, IAF wishes for a long and strong Indo-Armenian relations! We thank each and everyone who worked with us to make this event a success. Our Special Thanks go to the musicians for agreeing to present their beautiful music for a noble cause volunteerely. 



            Long live Indo-Armenian Friendship!

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