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"Crossroads of Peace" project aligns with India's vision in the South Caucasus: Expert

Via Armenpress 5 December 2023

India Armenia relations, Rananjay Anand

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 5, ARMENPRESS. India has interests in the South Caucasus in terms of trade communications, trade corridors, energy security and geopolitics and the "Crossroads of Peace" project aligns with Delhi’s vision.

Rananjay Anand, Co-Founder and President of the Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO, said  at the forum held Tuesday in Yerevan on the topic of "New Regional Realities and the Crossroads of Peace" with the participation of analysts from Armenian, Iranian, Indian, Georgian and Turkish think tanks.

 Rananjay Anand noted that India hadn't clearly formulated a foreign policy regarding the South Caucasus until recently.

"Armenia is certainly a significant partner for India in this region. Armenia has always supported India, particularly on the issue of Kashmir without any reservations. Armenia has always backed India's permanent membership in the UN Security Council. Such an approach has surely garnered a positive response in India," said Rananjay Anand, who believes that Armenia is the only country in the region with which India has cooperative and friendly relations.

According to him, in geopolitical issues and the fight against terrorism, Armenia and India share common interests. 

"Taking into account Armenia's security concerns, India is making efforts to provide maximum support. I can say that this is a matter of peace and the balance of power," the expert added, emphasizing that India is working to prevent tension in the region and the emergence of aggressors.

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