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                 First Indo-Armenian Friendship Chess Tournament

                                   Medal Felicitation Ceremony


                                                                           September 30, 2015 


On May 26th, Medal Felicitation Ceremony to the winners of the  1st Indo-Armenian Friendship Chess Tournament (29.03.2015) was organized at Yerevan State Medical University after M.Heratsi. The awarding ceremony was attended by H.E Ambassador of India to Armenia Dr Suresh Babu, the rector of YSMU Mr. Mikayel Narimanyan, Vice-Rector for External Affairs and International Partnerships Mr. Yervand Sahakyan and the president of Chess Academy of Armenia Mr. Smbat Lputyan.

Since the 1 st Indo-Armenian Friendship Chess Tournament was organized with the support of Medical University’s students council, the awarding ceremony was held in the framework of the students council annual awarding ceremony of YSMU.

The rector of YSMU Mr. Mikayel Narimanyan welcomed all guests, expressed his gratitude to H.E. Ambassador of India to Armenia Dr. Suresh Babu for his permanent support and also expressed his gratitude to Mr. Lputyan for attending the event as a special guest and thanked him for his important role in introducing chess as school subject in Armenian schools.

In his speech Dr. Suresh Babu welcomed the idea of Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO to organize the first ever Chess Tournament between Indian and Armenian students hoping that this beautiful idea would become annual event. He underlined that if other countries too get included as participants in the event in future, it would become even more interesting. Dr. Babu expressed his gratitude to the Administration of YSMU for the support to the Tournament.

The President of the Student’s council as well welcomed all the guests and gave the stage to the General Secretary of Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO Ms. Lusine Toroyan to begin with the ceremony.

wo teams competed during the tournament playing 4 games (each team consisted of 10 people). And the team which would have more points at the end of tournament had to win. After the 4 games Armenian team was declared the winner. The tournament was judged by the trainee and referee of Chess Academy Mr Roma Akopov.

The award felicitation of the winning team was done by H.E. Dr. Suresh Babu and of silver Medals was done by Mr. Lputyan and IAF members. The students have also been awarded by the gifts which were Chess boards and professional chess clocks.

At the end of the ceremony the certificates were released to Dr. Suresh Babu and Dr. Yervand Sahakyan for participation in the tournament and for playing their first chess match. Also Mr. Martin Martirosyan the head of Armenian team was awarded by certificate.

IAF extends heartiest congratulations once more to the winners of the event and assures that this initiative gets transformed into an annual event.

Viva Indo-Armenian Strong Friendship!

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