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Armen Orujyan of FAST Foundation visits Indian Cultural Center

On the 27th of February 2020, upon the invitation of Mr Rananjay Anand, President of Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO, Mr Armen Orujyan, Founding CEO of FAST- FAST - Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology visited Indian Cultural Center, Armenia, accompanied by Ms Armine Khamoyan, Network Evangelist at FAST Foundation. Mr Rananjay Anand and IAF Secretary General Ms Lusine Toroyan briefed the guests about the organisation, various activities and projects of the Center and discussed about various avenues of collaborations between India and Armenia. Business development and cooperation was high on the agenda as the sides discussed about an upcoming ambitious project to boost business ties between India and Armenia, which will be announced soon. Mr Orijyan, who has a great amount of experience shared his ideas about various issues, which were gladly noted with gratitude. We look forward to future collaborations and thank Mr Orujyan and Ms Khamoyan vor taking time out of their busy schedules to visit our Center. Long-live Indo-Armenian Friendship.

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