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Children of Artsakh at Indian Cultural Centre

These are difficult times in Armenia and we do understand it would have lasting effects on the displaced families especially children.

Keeping in view tackling such challenge, on 17th of October at the initiative of Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO, Indian Cultural Centre Armenia hosted a group of children and their mothers from different cities of Artsakh (Nagorno Kharabagh) in order to de-stress them from the ongoing war situation. Children could enjoy a day full of the spirit of India presenting various aspects of the Indian Culture. Secretary-General of Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO Ms Lusine Toroyan welcomed the group hoping that they will return home very soon.

Ms Kateryna Goncharova spoke about India asking children what they know about Indian culture. Then children could enjoy Yoga practice with Ms Lilit Simonyan Mishra which was followed by beautiful dance performances by our Shakti dance group members Ms Marine Gharibyan, Ms Ana Simonyan and student of YSMU Ms Ramya M Nair.

Ladies could enjoy Mehndi Art with Ms Dipali Shah and taste Indian food.

Boys had a chance to learn martial arts with Mr Samvel to protect their mothers and sisters while their fathers, grand-fathers and brothers are fighting for the right to exist.

We hope the children and their mothers could enjoy this special cultural gift in a different way to get rid of their worries for the day.

We would love to express our gratitude to our members and friends who helped us to organize the day, especially Mr Pragnesh Shah, Ms Dipali Shah, Mr Karen Mkrtchyan, Ms Kateryna Goncharova, Ms Lilit Simonyan Mishra, Ms Roza Navoyan, Ms Marine Gharibyan, Ms Ana Simonyan, Ms Marine Manvelyan, Ms Ramya M Nair and Mr Samvel.

May peace prevail soon!

Long live Indo-Armenian Friendship!


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