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Mehndi Master Class at the Indian Cultural Centre

On the 6th of March, the Indian Cultural Centre Armenia, in collaboration with Deepali Arts organized a master class for all those who wanted to get acquainted with the unique world of mehndi and gain skills in henna art. The class was conducted by the best Mehndi artist in Armenia, Mrs Dipali Shah.

Within the framework of the master class, the attendees were able to gain basic knowledge in the origin of Mehndi and the traditions associated with the art of applying mehndi in India.Those who attended the master class were also taught the art of making mehndi cone, mixing mehndi powder and filling the ready paste in the cone. Mrs Dipali Shah also showed basic mehndi designs for the attendees to practice. A print-out of a hand sketch was also given to them to practice on.

At the end of the masterclass, each attendee got a unique mehndi tatoo design on their hand drawn by the instructor. They also got to try special Indian tea and complimentary Indian sweet, prepared by Mrs Shah.


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