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Kathak Workshop at the Indian Cultural Center

On 10 June, 2019, Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO under the aegis of Indian Cultural Center Armenia hosted Ms. Mruga Shroff from Noopur Nritya Academy, one of the leading classical dance academies of Gujrat, India for a Masterclass/Workshop on Kathak Dance.

During the workshop, the attendees got the opportunity to learn about the origins and significance of Kathak, what distinguishes it from other dance forms of India and the meaning behind the difference movements and positions.

The workshop was followed with a special performance by the representatives of the Noopur Dance Academy. The attendees also got the chance to learn some unique dance steps from the teachers.

Participants from Armenia were quite enthusiastic about this workshop. It was a great opportunity for the participants to learn and know more about India’s Classical Dance Kathak in detail.

Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO would like to thank Ms Mruga Shroff and the Noopur Dance Academy for very kindly agreeing to conduct the free workshop at the Indian Cultural Center of Armenia. We also appreciate all those that attended the workshop.

We believe that culture is the window to a nation's soul and the more we know about each other's culture, the stronger our bond and friendship shall be.

Long-Live Indo-Armenian Friendship

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