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Holi and Palm Sunday at Indian Cultural Centre, Yerevan

On the 28th of April 2021, the Indian Cultural Centre, Armenia organised the celebration of two festivals clubbed together- the Indian Holi the Armenian Tsagkazard or the Palm Sunday.

The day was filled with a lot of fun and activities as Indian and Armenian members gathered together to mark the two important festivals of Hinduism and Christianity in an atmosphere of love and friendship. Put to display was a perfect mix of Indo-Armenian culture as the music took to air, clubbed with the rainbow colours of Holi.

Joining the celebration was the Akner Armenian Folk Ensemble headed by Ms Anna Yeritsyan, who sang Armenian folk and patriotic songs, explained the tradition behind the celebration of Palm Sunday by the Armenian Apostolic Church and also gave a brief historical background of the feast. As per tradition, a tree plantation ceremony was also organised in the front lawn of the Indian Cultural Centre.

After playing with colours outside, the participants spent the afternoon indoors feasting on Indian and Armenian delicacies, danced to Indo-Armenian music and played various indoor fun games.

In the evening a special Holika Dhan pier was lit and pooja was done to mark the victory of light over darkness, the good over bad.

Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO tries to observe as many Indian and Armenian festivals as possible and we are grateful to all our friends and members for joining us and spending their day with us.

Long live Indo-Armenian Friendship


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